Bottom Download bar lag 4-5sec

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See the green progress bar in the edge icon has already started but download bar is not appearing yet there is aleast 4-5 sec lag which is not tolerable(400-500ms is OK).

To reproduce this lag try downloading a file from OneDrive/Google Drive with a bunch of tabs.

(*I have not closed the downloads bar)

(*In built gamebar doesnot record the taskbar and I donot want to waste time in installing a screen recorder because it is very easy to reproduce)


Screenshot (17).png

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Yes sounds good

@Maan2003 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've reached out to our Downloads product team and will let you know if they have any additional insights or questions.


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@Deleted Thanks

@Maan2003 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am the PM for downloads. It looks like you are reporting 3 problems:

1. With a large number of tabs open, downloading a file from OneDrive results in the taskbar's green progress bar to start multiple seconds before the browser's download shelf task bar starts. 

2. There is a persistent backplate (mouse hover effect) on the download shelf download item that does not go away.

3. You want a delete button to exist in the download shelf download item context menu


Regarding 1: I have attempted to reproduce this bug, but I was unsuccessful. I have >60 unique tabs, downloaded a 60mb file from OneDrive. The green taskbar progress bar started within 1 second of the download shelf progress bar. My memory usage is 11GB out of 16GB available. If you have any further information on how to reproduce this, please let us know!


Regarding 2: Thanks for finding this bug. I was able to reproduce this and have filed a bug for our engineers to fix! As a temporary workaround, open the file by clicking the "Open file" link (which avoids the hover effect from triggering and getting stuck in this state).


Regarding 3: We would love to track your feature request. The way we track these is through the "Send feedback" feature on the top-right of the browser (generally 3rd button from the right).


@Deleted thanks for making me aware of this post!

@i-am-kent  Thanks for looking into this!


Fawkes (they/them)
Project & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge