BlockList file in User Settings folder

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What is blocklist file? What is the use of that file?


After installing EDGE, I found that in the folder C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Edge\User Data\Ad Blocking there is a blocklist file, when I open it, I see there is lots of URLs in there.


Looking at the folder name and file name, I think it's the file that saves the blocked URLs from the browser. However, when I try to open some of the URLs in there, it still loads normally without being blocked.

So, what is the use of that file?


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they are used by Edge adblocker: edge://settings/content/ads

it's nowhere as effective as extensions such as ublock origin, but it's still there.



 this website is in that file 


and you can see Edge apparently blocks ads there.

if you don't see it, maybe try turning off any adblocker you have.


what's interesting for me is that majority of those websites Edge listed in that file are adult +18, kinda strange even. ads are everywhere, not just in those places.