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Hi, I am new to computer programming and insider programs and quite green when it comes to technology. However I joined the Insider programs so I could learn. Is there anyone who can help me get started with the program how to use it properly. I really like what there is to offer but not sure where to begin. Thankyou

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Are you looking to learn about computer programming or learn about Microsoft Edge insider?
In case you want to start programming, you may find valuable resources here:


Welcome to the community,

Here are some guides and resources to help you get started and find out more about the insider program :)


Get started with the Windows Insider Program - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Docs


Windows Insider - Understand Flighting


Windows Insider Program Archives | Windows Blog

you probably want to add this to favorites/bookmarks


Windows Insider Program - YouTube


and lastly, if you're on Twitter, you can follow them as they post about new builds, features and more there

Windows Insider (@windowsinsider) / Twitter


I will be happy to help you should you have any questions ^^