Better Full Screen Mode

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Feature Request/Rework:
I use Full Screen Mode (F11) many times. Edge shows tabs and address bar when you drag mouse over the edge. This allows me to use full-screen most time as I can switch tabs or search without exiting and entering full screen each time. But there is a small issue I find.
1) When I am browsing pdf in full screen mode, the pdf toolbar (where highlighter and erase options are) is overlapped by tabs and address bar and since the toolbar is at top, it happen frequently so I have to wait for bar to go so I can use pdf toolbar. What I have in my mind is that the address bar should hide away instantly or very quick once mouse is gone. The same issue is also on many sites where search bar are on top (like Quora, Reddit, Bing, Google).
Another idea is that when you take mouse over the edge, instead of showing tabs and taskbar, edge should come out of full screen mode temporally until mouse is dragged away from top. What it will do is it will prevent overlapping of address bar and web page. The address bar and tabs comes but overlappes top part

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