124.0.2478.80 Policies not applying

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We have seen this with 124.0.2478.80 as others have posted on other boards, that Cloud policies are removed after the 124.0.2478.80 update. If I revert one version back, they return to edge://policy.


Anyone else seen this?

Using the Edge management in 365 admin. 

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@eric_33 Hi - Thanks for reaching out!  This is a known issue and the team expects the fix to be included in the next Microsoft Edge Stable 124 update.  



@Kelly_Y This will also rollout to Beta and Canary correct?

Hi everyone - The fix was included in Stable 124.0.2478.97, which was released last Friday.  The fix should also be available on the other channels as well.  Thanks! 



Confirmed working again.