Data Processing Regions for Microsoft Co-pilot and Microsoft Sales Copilot

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Hello everyone,


I am seeking some clarity regarding the data processing locations for Microsoft Co-pilot (for Microsoft 365 and sales) as our organization, which is based in Europe, is considering using these tools. Ensuring that our data does not get processed outside our geographic region is crucial for us due to compliance and privacy concerns.


For Microsoft Co-pilot, the documentation states that data does not leave the user’s region unless utilizing plugins and/or Bing search (source). This seems straightforward, but I want to confirm if there are any other conditions or exceptions we should be aware of.


For Microsoft Sales Copilot, it is mentioned that if the CRM environment is hosted within the EU Data Boundary, the Azure OpenAI endpoint used will also be within the same boundary (source). However, another section of the documentation suggests that by using Copilot features powered by Azure OpenAI, data might be stored or processed outside of our geographic region (source). This appears to be contradictory.


Could anyone clarify the following:

  1. Are there specific conditions under which Microsoft Co-pilot might process data outside the specified region besides the use of plugins or Bing?
  2. For Microsoft Sales Copilot, how does the statement about possible data processing outside the geographic region align with the promise of using an Azure OpenAI endpoint within the EU Data Boundary? Are there exceptions to this rule?

Any insights or experiences regarding these matters would be greatly appreciated. It is vital for our organization to fully understand where and how our data will be processed before we commit to these tools.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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