Copilot ROI

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How are others strategizing on how to calculate ROI of using M365 Copilot?

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Hi Chris. One approach would be to pilot each process that you're accelerating with Copilot and multiply the resulting time savings per month times the hourly cost of the person who executes it. For example, say that an HR person writes an average of one job description a week and it takes them two hours each time. That's eight hours per month. The pilot project proves that Copilot cuts that time in half, so what used to take eight hours per month now takes four. This HR person's burdened cost to the company is $40/hour (underpaid!). You've saved four hours work @ $40/hr. so $160 in productivity time. Given a cost of $30 for the license, the ROI = 433.33%. That person can also use the same license to streamline other processes, so the story only gets better.