Creating security groups in Azure VM

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Hi everyone, i'm new in Azure, and i'm migrating file server from On-presmises server to AZ VM, i'm preparing the folders and everything, but to avoid giving the right access to users one by one, i would like to create security groups to which i can configure the permission of the files and only add the users to those groups, is it possible to do it in Azure?

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Yes that is the most recommended method add users to security groups and give the group the permissions



Yes, and your approach is recommended

Do you know how can i do it? :D
This will depend on the location of your on-premise VMs. I mean what kind of virtualization.

Can you give us more information?

Keep us informed.

For information, you can find all this here:
Before proceeding ahead, wish to know
1. The reason for choosing an Azure VM method of migrating the file server ? Have you looked at Azure File Share as an alternative ?
2. If you choose Azure VM, there are tools to replicate contents from On-Premises to Azure, without manual effort. File Share permissions could be inherited from AD if the server gets joined to the domain.
3. If you choose Azure FileShare, the file share can be joined to an AD Domain and file permissions could be inherited.
4. Using NSG-based access to fileshare is like hard-configuring the permissions. If you need to add or remove access, you need to do the changes in AD as well as in NSG. Also, you may need to give access in Azure Portal to the storage account with higher privileges, which is a security risk.

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