AzureFunBytes - AZ-900 Stream, Network Security Groups, SSH Keys, Linux VMs, and your questions.



Monday's stream focuses on the AZ900 path for gaining proficiency in Azure Fundamentals. We'll talk a bit about how we secure our environments using Network Security Groups (NSGs). You'll watch me launch a Virtual Machine from the Azure Cloud Shell using a simple bash script from Linux VM docs. This includes creating a network security group and generating ssh keys so that you're server is prepared for you to securely begin installing software and running your applications.

We'll show how to lock down SSH access and talk about other services you can expose to the world via the network security group.



I'll take questions, look for some participation and continue to get you skilled up. This Thursday be sure you check out my conversation with Brian Ketlesen on Azure Linux VMs. We'll be live on Twitch, YouTube and Periscope at 2pm EDT.

Join me, ask questions and learn about Azure!

Microsoft Learn: Azure Fundamentals
Microsoft Azure: $200 Free Credit
Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Docs: Create a fully configured virtual machine
Quick steps: Create and use an SSH public-private key pair for Linux VMs in Azure
Docs: Network security groups

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