Static Website Deployement to Azure Storage Account with Zero-Downtime

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Hi, I've deployed my Static Website to Azure Storage Account.
In the GitLab CI/CD pipeline when I push the new files it adds up to the existing files/folders and using --overwrite=true it replaces the existing files. To avoid extra previous files and implement zero downtime, I've thought of the following workaround:
1. Initial Setup
  • Create a new container temp-web along with $web container
  • Push the files to both containers
2. Steps for the pipeline
  • Perform a directory swap to the temp-web container
  • Delete all files from the $web container
  • Push new files to $web container
  • Perform a directory swap to $web container
  • Delete all files from the temp-web container
  • Push new files to the temp-web container
How to update the Azure Storage container for a static website instead of $web to temp-web?
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