Azure September: Announced end of life

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For those who missed the last announces of Azure end of life, please find a small recap:


Azure AI Intelligence

  • The Azure AI Document Intelligence API v2.0 will be retired on August 31, 2026. You are simply encouraged to migrate to the same API but in version 3.1 which obviously offers more features than the previous one.


Azure AI Video Indexer

  • Due to the withdrawal of Azure Media Services, announced during the month of July, Microsoft has decided to remove all dependencies related to Azure Media from Azure AI Video Indexer, starting January 15, 2024.


Azure FarmBeats

  • The Azure FarmBeats project will be retired on September 30, 2023. For those who are not familiar with Azure FarmBeats, it is a solution that allows you to aggregate agricultural datasets from different providers. Instead, Microsoft offers Azure Data Manager for Agriculture, which is actually an enhanced version of the Azure FarmBeats project.


Azure HPC

  • Azure FXT Edge Filer which is a caching appliance for HPC computing tasks will be retired on December 31, 2026. However, no information on a possible service which will replace it.


Azure Kubernetes Service

  • The AKS product team has decided to remove Azure Monitor for AKS-Engine on September 14, 2026. You are therefore encouraged to use Azure Monitor for Containers functionality instead.
  • We continue with another decommission on AKS which concerns the HTTP application routing add-on module, which will be deleted on March 3, 2025. Please note that this module is no longer supported since version 1.22 of K8S. Instead, you are encouraged to use the Web Application routing add-on.


Azure Sphere

  • The Classic version of Azure Sphere CLI will be decommissioned on September 30, 2024. No worries here for its replacement which is none other than Azure Sphere CLI.


Azure Database for MariaDB

  • End of life of Azure Database for MariaDB which will be retired on September 19, 2025. Microsoft therefore suggests that you use Azure Database for MySQL instead which offers more features.


Azure Monitor

  • The removal of the Data Collector API that manages custom log ingestion into Azure Monitor logs will be done on September 14, 2026. Before this date, you will need to migrate to the rules-based log ingestion API which provides all the functionality of the Data Collector API, plus some new features.
  • On September 30, 2026 the "Classic" URL Ping Tests configured on Application Insights will be deleted, in favor of the "Standard" tests.


Azure Storage

  • The product team announced for September 13, 2024 the removal of the old Azure Storage Python client libraries, but also the Azure Storage Ruby client libraries, as well as the old Azure Storage Go client libraries. Instead you will have to use the new libraries.


Azure Maps

  • The product team announces that the Azure Maps Data V1/V2 APIs will be retired on September 16, 2024. Instead, Azure Maps has deployed Data Registry APIs that provide enhanced data security.
  • Azure Maps Render V1 APIs will be retired on September 17, 2026. You are therefore encouraged to migrate or deploy Azure Maps Render V2 APIs, which provide improved data quality and performance compared to the previous version.
  • The Azure Maps Gen1 pricing tier will no longer exist from September 15, 2026. You will therefore need to upgrade to the Azure Maps Gen2 pricing tier which offers simplified pricing and better flexibility.
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