Act now! On 31 August 2024, these Azure app platform and integration services will be retired
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This article has important information about the upcoming retirement of the following services:

  • Azure App Service Environment v1 and v2
  • Azure Integration Service Environment
  • Azure API Management stv1


Why the change?

Nearly three years ago, Azure announced that to continue to use your cloud services that were deployed using Cloud Services (classic), you must migrate them to Cloud Services (extended support) in Resource Manager before 31 August 2024. Since then, thousands of customers have taken advantage of the tools and resources from Microsoft to successfully complete the migration. Beginning 1st September 2024, any remaining Cloud Service deployments would be stopped and deallocated, and data will be permanently lost.  


What does this mean for you?

If you are still running one or more of the following services, please use the available resources listed here to plan your migration at the earliest.



Learn live

Migration Resources

Other resources

App Service Environment version 1 and version 2 will be retired on 31 August 2024

App Service Environment version 3 migration

Integration Services Environment will be retired on 31 August 2024


Logic Apps Standard migration

Support for API Management instances hosted on the stv1 platform will be retired by 31 August 2024.


API Management STV2 migration



Required action: migrate now!

We’ve published a range of tools and resources to give your development and IT teams the help they need to confidently upgrade and unlock the capabilities in the new versions. For instance, we highly recommend watching the Learn Live series with Azure FastTrack Architects that gives viewers a comprehensive overview of the steps to complete the migration. You can find links to individual sessions in the table above. The table also includes direct links to migration tools and resources.


The latest version offers more features, higher performance, and better cost optimization than the retired services. For example:

  • App Service Environment version 3 is easier to use, has simpler network topology, and runs on more powerful infrastructure (up to 64 cores and 256GB RAM with faster scaling speeds for both Windows and Linux). Read the blog.
  • Logic Apps Standard provides enhanced compute and network isolation, high availability and compute elasticity, improved development experience. Read the blog.
  • API Management STV2 platform supports resiliency and security features of API Management that aren't available on the STV1, including availability zones, private endpoints, and protection with Azure DDoS. Read the blog.


Need help? Azure is here to support you

Stay ahead of the upcoming end-of-life deadline with these intuitive and free resources. If for any reason you run into a roadblock and require additional help with your migration from FastTrack for Azure, please contact your Microsoft account team or Microsoft partner. Don't delay. 



Please share your migration plans and experience in this brief survey.


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