Migrate Your Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment Today and Unlock New Benefits
Published Aug 29 2023 03:29 PM 3,411 Views

Azure Logic Apps Integration Service Environment (ISE), a fully isolated and dedicated environment for running Azure Logic Apps workloads, is set to retire on August 31, 2024. This is an opportunity to migrate your ISE instances and unlock a world of new benefits. 


Seamless transition to Logic Apps Standard 

Like they say, the clock is ticking on this migration! To ensure a seamless transition, all existing ISE instances must be migrated to Logic Apps Standard by August 31, 2024 —preferably well in advance. While the creation of new ISE resources has already ceased, existing ISE resources will continue to receive support until the retirement date. 


Microsoft Azure is fully committed to guiding you through this migration journey. This blog will delve into details of what we are offering to make this easier - live sessions led by Azure experts, dedicated thread, FAQ, and more. And you might ask what’s in for me as a customer - well, we will also explore the many new amazing features that Logic Apps Standard brings to the table.  


Experience the power of Logic Apps Standard 

The Logic Apps Standard is more than just an upgrade—it's a leap forward. Here is the rundown of the exciting new features:  

  • Align enterprise-level workflows with the broader application PaaS ecosystem, leveraging improvements in the ecosystem. 
  • Cost optimizations get a timely remedy - the granular and elastic scaling, both help in dynamically adapting cost with load changes. 
  • Cloud-native development advancements - local development, debugging, enhanced support for source controls - helping you achieve better ROI.
  • Automated deployment and code logic decoupled from infra deployment are instrumental in accelerating value to customers.
  • Support for network isolation and access to on-premises resources is available natively in Logic Apps Standard.
  • Get all this, and more with built-in connectors for connector execution isolation, similar to ISE connectors.

Seamless migration with free tools and resources 

Migrating workflows doesn't have to be daunting. Export functionality to Logic Apps Standard is now generally available in the Logic Apps Standard Visual Studio Code extension. This export tool is designed to simplify the migration process for customers moving workflows from ISE or Azure Logic Apps Consumption to Logic Apps Standard. It’s a reliable way to export and group workflows into a Logic Apps Standard project. Users can then locally update, test, and debug their workflows before redeployment, either directly from Visual Studio Code or integrated within their DevOps processes. This migration path unlocks the full potential of Logic Apps Standard, including native networking integration, enterprise connectors, improved performance, and the elimination of throttling limits previously imposed by Azure Connectors. This link provides detailed instructions on how to export ISE workflows to Logic Apps Standard, including prerequisites and exportable operation types. 


Need support? Azure experts are here to help  

Most recently, Azure experts hosted a Learn Live session that demystified the process of migrating an Integration Service Environment to Logic Apps Standard. This session provided an overview of the process, the recommended migration tools, how to organize and export logic apps, and insights into running, testing, and debugging locally. 


For any queries that arise during your migration journey, we offer an FAQ page and a dedicated thread to answering your questions. At any stage of migration, don’t hesitate to reach out to Azure support for assistance or solutions.   


Act now—start your migration today 

As of August 31, 2024, your currently deployed ISE instances will no longer be accessible, and any associated workflows will cease to function. As outlined above, there are multitude of benefits to gain from transitioning to Azure Logic Apps Standard. To avoid any service disruptions, review Logic Apps Standard pricing and initiate the export your logic apps workflows - and happy workflows thereafter! 

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