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My Azure Portal login suddenly says locked. 


Can't reach Microsoft support by any mean, as my login fails. 


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Hi if you have not configured Self Password Reset you may wait for 30 minutes to be unlocked .
By the way if you don't know why your account have been locked chances are your password is compromised . I would suggest to
- Go to and look at the sign in activities
- Go to and change password

Those actions can of course be done in AAD for sign in logs and Users for the password reset
A user account in an Azure AD DS managed domain is locked out when a defined threshold for unsuccessful sign-in attempts has been met. Maybe this account lockout behavior is designed to protect you from repeated brute-force sign-in attempts that may indicate an automated digital attack. By default, if there are 5 bad password attempts in 2 minutes, the account is locked out for 30 minutes.

If your account is syncing from On-Prem to Azure AD, forcibly release the locked

@ibnmbodji Login has no issues, I can log in to other systems using the same Microsoft logins. 




In that case you can

- Clear you browser cache and try private navigation

- Try another browser


Also if you can try to log in Microsoft 365 admin portal and Go to AAD and look what's the problem in signs . The process is detailed below :

Once you get the sign in error you can use this tool to try to understand the reference


I am having this same issue. It happened when I was switching directories in Azure subscriptions. Tried two different computers and browsers a full day apart. I can still log in to all my other services, including this website in order to comment. I can no longer log in to Azure services, not even Visual Studio.

Did you ever get it figured out?

Open a case with Microsoft use phone support since you cannot log in to portal
me, too. all other Microsoft service work fine. It just lock me out at Azure.


Are you encountering the account keeps locked out?

SSR may help on self-service while 'InPrivate' mode to try for the locked in once issue