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My Azure Portal login suddenly says locked. 


Can't reach Microsoft support by any mean, as my login fails. 


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Hi if you have not configured Self Password Reset you may wait for 30 minutes to be unlocked .
By the way if you don't know why your account have been locked chances are your password is compromised . I would suggest to
- Go to and look at the sign in activities
- Go to and change password

Those actions can of course be done in AAD for sign in logs and Users for the password reset
A user account in an Azure AD DS managed domain is locked out when a defined threshold for unsuccessful sign-in attempts has been met. Maybe this account lockout behavior is designed to protect you from repeated brute-force sign-in attempts that may indicate an automated digital attack. By default, if there are 5 bad password attempts in 2 minutes, the account is locked out for 30 minutes.

If your account is syncing from On-Prem to Azure AD, forcibly release the locked

@ibrahimambodji Login has no issues, I can log in to other systems using the same Microsoft logins. 




In that case you can

- Clear you browser cache and try private navigation

- Try another browser


Also if you can try to log in Microsoft 365 admin portal and Go to AAD and look what's the problem in signs . The process is detailed below :

Once you get the sign in error you can use this tool to try to understand the reference