Adding a certificate to my www subdomain

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I have a standard GoDaddy SSL Certificate for my domain ( and I have a subdomain (

When I bought the certificate through Azure it said the certificate would cover the root domain ( plus its www subdomain.


I have bought the standard certificate. I have my certificate working for my root domain just fine. But when I try to add my certificate to my subdomain ( it does not add properly.



I click on my 'not secure' 'add binding'. I import the app service certificate. It validates and then it 'successfully adds the app service certificate to the app'. But then I am still left with not secure and the option to add binding still. 


There is an example on microsoft of it being done as follows 



but when I try have the host name, it does not allow the comma or spaces.


The certificate does cover the www subdomain, there just seems to be no way to add it.

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