How to push azure data to another application using API?

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Hello Folks, I want to POST an API from Azure to Freshservice. Can anyone suggest me the feasible approach? Can we POST Rest API from Azure to 3rd party application? and also please share any article available.


Thank you.

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Hi there, are you asking about how to create a REST API to push data from Azure to 3rd party app/service?

Hi @KelvinYeo,


Thank you for your response.

I am having 3rd Party APIs and its endpoint. I want to Push my Azure Data to that endpoint.

For that if I need to create an API then I can go with that approach as well. My end goal is to push the Azure User fields in the payloads to the APIs endpoint of the 3rd party application.  


Hope you get my query.

Thank you

Hi Parth,

So based on my understanding, correct me if I am wrong, you are trying to push data in your Azure environment to a 3rd party system/application and you already have the 3rd party APIs and its endpoints in place.

One more question, which Azure service/resource are you trying to push the data from?
E.g. Azure SQL? Azure Storage Account; Blob, Table, Files and etc?

Hi, @KelvinYeo 


We are trying to push new user creation data in payloads.