Can I do all this with Azure Monitor?

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Hello everyone, I want to install azure monitor in my environment...but I need to know if all of this can do it.


Apache service status up/down
Tomcat or sql server service status
Number of requests and accesses to the application
NFS drive access
Database load and number of requests on sqlserver


Thanks everyone.

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Yes,Azure Monitor maximizes the availability and performance of your applications and services by delivering a comprehensive solution for collecting, analyzing, and acting on telemetry from your cloud and on-premises environments. 

  • Detect and diagnose issues across applications and dependencies with Application Insights.
  • Correlate infrastructure issues with Azure Monitor for VMs and Azure Monitor for Containers.
  • Drill into your monitoring data with Log Analytics for troubleshooting and deep diagnostics.
  • Support operations at scale with smart alerts and automated actions.
  • Create visualizations with Azure dashboards and workbooks.

In the Azure portal, click All services. In the list of resources, type Monitor. As you begin typing, the list filters based on your input. Select Monitor.
On the Monitor navigation menu, select Log Analytics and then select a workspace.

If you are looking for service status (SQL,Apache and any other) monitoring at VM level in azure monitor, try an option of importing of a solution pack "change tracking" which tracks all the configuration changes (service stop and start).

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You can use change tracking solution in Azure automation to monitor windows services on windows based machines and Linux daemons on Linux based machines.


You can use SQL Server health check solution in Azure Monitor to monitor SQL Server health and performance monitoring.


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