Agentless dependency discovery tool

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Thanks Eric. My 1st question is the following. We have seen many customers waiting for an application dependency discovery tool. All we have today so far 3-rd party tools like CloudScape, Cloudemize etc. or AzureMigrate in preview the usage of which gets approved way after the project is finished. What agentless dependency discovery tool does Microsoft suggest to use today in a production environment to assess say over 300 application?

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@ilik0 The agentless dependency analysis is no longer in private preview so you do not have get the subscription whitelisted anymore. Azure Migrate offers agentless dependency analysis for 1000 VMs per appliance with full production support.

Thanks, VB_AzMig8.

TBH I didn't know a product in preview may have full production support. When can we see non-VMWare VM's support?

@ilik0 We have agentless dependency analysis for non VMware VMs in our backlog and team is actively working on it. We shall post an announcement when we are ready.