Migrate vs Site Recovery

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What's the difference between Azure Site Recovery and Azure Migrate?
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Azure Migrate is a centralized hub for all your migration needs and has a collection of tools to help you discover, assess, and migrate your workloads to Azure. Azure Migrate caters to multiple migration scenarios across infrastructure, applications, and data including servers, databases, web applications, virtual desktops (VDI), and data.

The Server Migration tool in Azure Migrate is purpose-built for migration of servers to Azure virtual machines. We recommend using Azure Migrate: Server Migration to migrate servers to Azure.

Azure Site Recovery implements various capabilities designed for the disaster recovery use case and Azure Migrate: Server Migration does internally use some of the Site Recovery capabilities to help you accomplish migrations.

Some of the advantages of using the Server Migration tool are:

- Agentless option for migration of VMware virtual machines to Azure (not available in Azure Site Recovery)

- Simplified experience that is purpose-built for migration. Don't have to learn and deal with disaster recovery specific concepts.

- Integrated experience across assessment and migration phases with the ability to easily carry forward assessment recommendations into the migration phase.

- No tool usage charges for migration for the first 180 days, from the time replication is started for a VM.