Introducing web capture for Microsoft Edge


Since the release of the new Microsoft Edge, we have heard a lot of feedback about missing the web notes tool that allowed you to capture and mark up content across the web. Frankly, we’ve missed it too! But first, we wanted to make it better. While web notes was a great feature, there was also room for improvement. Many of you reported using it for capturing quick screenshots to copy or share, while others loved the ability to to mark-up full webpages with scrolling. So, we designed the new screenshot feature, web capture, with this in mind and are excited to introduce the basic screen capture functionality to our Dev and Canary builds. In the near future, you can expect to see more functionalities added to web capture, like adding ink or highlights to your captures, capturing full webpages, and scrolling while marking them.


To try it out, use the Settings and more menu (...) in the top right corner of the browser and select Web capture.




When you open web capture, you can use the selection tool to capture just the content you want. We found that sometimes you want more than what you’re able to see on the webpage, so we have added the ability for you to select content lower down on the page. To do this, just hold down the selection tool and drag to the bottom of the page; the page will automatically start to scroll so that you can capture everything you need in one go.


Once you are done with the capture, you will see a menu with a couple of options: 'Copy' and 'Add notes'. Click Copy to add the image to your clipboard. It will then be available for you to paste into any application. If you want to mark up the screenshot with inking tools, select the Add notes option. You will see the image in a dialog box where you can draw on it, share, save and copy with your annotations. 




If you love web capture and want to access the tool more quickly, you can pin it directly to your browser toolbar.  Just right click on the option in the Settings and more menu (...) and select Show in toolbar. You can also use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+S) to invoke web capture.

Try out the new tool and let us know what you think! We love hearing your feedback. From within Microsoft Edge, you can go to “…” menu > Help and feedback > Send feedback, or simply use the shortcut (Shift+Alt+I) to open the feedback tool.


- The Microsoft Edge Product Team


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My first impression was "Why would I use that instead of Snip & Sktech or Win+Shift+S". It even has the same obvious missing feature of typing on top of the image (which is much more convenient in many cases). Are you planning to allow us to type readable text with the keyboard ? The scroll option is very useful for dev teams, but it's very hard to find.

To second @vineydhiman's point, will it be possible to mark up a web page and then have that mark up saved with the user's Edge profile and synced to other Edge browsers? 


The ability to scroll a snip is a great enhancement over what Windows' Snip & Sketch does. Thank you!

@vygadeka Great. Let's improve it. Make a copycat this feature from Opera. I need easy way to add arrows and titles to the captured web.



For those who uses Radeon graphic card, its software has the CTRL+SHIFT+S shortcut for a function. Those need to click on Radeon Configuration > Shortcuts then find it , click on it and change or delete it for that option work.
Try SnagIt for it. Best i ever found

Ferramenta muito útil, falta......

Falta outra ferramenta tipo "ink", para fazer anotações com uma pen interactiva com o monitor para poder escrever com a nossa letra ( caligrafia )

  Esto es genial!!! me ayuda muchisimo ya que  tengo un emprendimiento x redes sociales, no sabia que podia hacer captura desde la web, siempre que lo necesitaba tenia que estar utlizando el celular,hacer captura y enviarmela a la nube para obtenerla( si, era un lio)ahora ya teniendo este dato me ahorra un monton de tiempo, muchas gracias, por este dato, esta ayuda, es excelente.



@jirikovo wrote:

@vygadeka Great. Let's improve it. Make a copycat this feature from Opera. I need easy way to add arrows and titles to the captured web.




I agree, in fact there is a popular feedback and developers are considering adding it to the Snip & Sketch app, you can upvote it here:


however, there are other ways to achieve it, For the time being, if you need the ability to insert shapes and text (and would prefer not to ink them yourself), one option is to use the WIN+Shift+S keyboard shortcut to copy a region of the screen to your clipboard, and then paste the image into Paint or Paint 3D where you have access to a large range of image markup options


@vygadeka This is a really great web capture, it surpasses Screen shot, as it includes the entire page with like you said includes scrolling in the capture. I know its been said, but I have to say I like and I'll use. Yall are great

@vygadeka  - This is a great tool!   However, I'm seeing some issues with doing a full screen capture on SharePoint pages.   Seems to only capture what's visible on the screen and not the full page.  Is this a known issue? 

Did you find a fix for this? We are seeing this same thing on our SharePoint pages. Only captures what's visible on the screen and not a full web page capture.
I see no response to the question around the full capture not capturing the full pages on SharePoint....just the viewable area is being captured.

Has the issue been Recognized by MS? If so, when is it targeted to be fixed? If not, why has it not been recognized as it is an issue.
I discovered the web capture and was using it frequently- but the past 2 weeks I can capture whatever post I want to share, I can copy it into a word document. I can no longer send it by email or Messenger. I just keep getting the failed to send notice. How can I resend these things please?



Is it in your plans to make this Web Capture tool to capture pages in PNG? In terms of quality, it is a lot better since JPEG damages too much the images. And sometimes we need this for work purpose... I uninstalled an extension to use the Edge default option, but i'll be back for now.

I was using web capture quite successfully until now.
When i click on the option to capture part of the page it wont let me.

@vygadeka It doesn't seem to scroll for pages with multiple scroll bars?

@vygadeka  - Did anyone at MS ever look into why the behavior within SharePoint sites changed with Web Capture?  Originally it worked fine then last year it stopped working and you only get the image of what you are looking at on the page.


Just re-tested since it has been a while and still same behavior. 


If you go to a site like and do a web capture the entire page is in-fact captured.

It is frustrating that it doesn't capture the full page, only what's visible. What's more frustrating is that this has been asked multiple times and there's never been a response from MS.