Microsoft Edge Native App support in Canary & Dev for Apple Silicon Macs!


We now have public Canary and Dev versions of Microsoft Edge that run natively on Apple Silicon Macs (M1 Macs, ARM64 Macs).


To download, click on either the Canary or Dev channel links below:

Canary - Microsoft Edge Canary Channel (

Dev - Microsoft Edge Dev Channel (


Once you click Download on the page, you will see the options available as seen below including the new option for Native Microsoft Edge on Macs with Apple Chips.




How to check if Microsoft Edge is running Natively on your machine?


Once you install and run Microsoft Edge, you can check under the 'Architecture' column in your 'Activity Monitor'




What other new features can you try out on Microsoft Edge on your Mac device in Canary/Dev?


Web-Capture: Use the web-capture tool to capture and share sections of your web-pages. Click here to learn more - Introducing web capture for Microsoft Edge - Microsoft Tech Community




Picture-in-picture mode from touch bar: Use the picture-in-picture icon on your touch bar while playing videos in your browser to enjoy your videos in a floating player as you multi-task on any other tab or application.




You can also enter into picture-in-picture mode by right clicking on any tab with video playing and selecting the menu option for the same as shown below.




Improved full-screen experience - Enjoy the immersive full-screen experience on Microsoft Edge on your Mac device.




How to share feedback?


Please log feedback by heading to the menu in the top right of the browser > Help and Feedback > Send Feedback.




Thanks for being a Microsoft Edge Insider!!

4 Replies
It's nice to see the full screen dropdown menu works perfectly with OS's built in top bar.
I don't even use MacOS, but it's good to see Edge now.

@manideep23  That's great.  Edge can now be run on Windows 10 ARM SoC's and Mac M1 SoC's.  Are there any plans to make Edge available for Linux-based ARM SoC's, such as the BCM SoC's powering Raspberry Pi computers?

@manideep23  This isn't packaged properly, unlike Firefox for M1.  In particular, it first asks to install Rosetta2, which is unacceptable, perhaps because the installer package contains an Intel binary for Microsoft Updater.