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Split Database, lost backend, can all objects be recovered if I still have the application front end

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Nonsense. The data was in the now-lost Back End accdb. No tool in the world could recover that data.

However, if the OP can find a back up copy of the Back End somewhere, perhaps some of the data could be recovered that way.

The original question mentions "objects" but the strong implication was that the OP is looking for the lost data in the missing Back End.

Thanks @tanayprasad I finally located my lost tables. so DB is working pretty much now. Thank you for the response.


Thanks George, I finally located my lost tables. so, DB is working pretty much now. Thank you for the response.
Glad to hear you've found the lost BE. Sorry for the terseness of my original one word (No) answer which was correct but not particularly helpful.
It was written on my phone where I have to use a different account. I tried to edit it but was unable to do so

Thanks, @isladogs , I developed this database in MS Access, then split & linked the tables. I used this Database for 5 years at a major Oil and Gas company. It worked great. 

After leaving the O&G company I never looked at the DB as I didn' need it for about 10 yeard. Then I was approached to use it again, had trouble finding the backend containing the tables. 

I partnered with a guy that worked for me when at the O&G company, he suggested rebuilding from start in a .NET frame for the front end and SQL BE. Then use Azure Desktop as my host. I'm now researching cost to host the database now.

Thank you for your interest and assistance.

Two thoughts leap to mind.
If there is a compelling reason to invest time, effort and other resources in creating a new interface, that could be a useful expenditure of the client's budget, of course. Or, if you are creating a new application on speculation that it can be marketed, expenditure of your own budget.

However, those costs should be compared to the cost of migrating the tables from an accdb (or mdb) to Azure SQL tables and reworking the Access accdb interface--to the extent needed--to work efficiently with the Azure tables. That's not automatic, but it can be substantially less work than a full-on replacement interface.

In other words, if the client you have in mind can't support a local Access front end, or won't for whatever reason, incurring conversion costs can't be avoided.

Leaping to that position because "everything is in the cloud" today is not such a compelling argument.

Proceed wisely.

Azure hosting costs for a single Azure SQL database can be from ~$5.00/month US to several hundred dollars a month, depending on configuration and usage.

Colin's Access User Group enjoyed a presentation last night on adding a browser based interface-- not replacing the Access interface. I'm sure it will be available on YouTube soon.




Hi George, @George Hepworth It's only fair to inform you of who I am. I am a Commissioning Manager for Oil & Gas plus Power Facilities. I saw a need back in the mid 90's for a "Commissioning Database". So, I self-taught myself how to write in MS Access and bought the Developers Edition. I knew what we needed to capture to handover to the client. I used the 1st edition in 2003 ona O&G Offshore Production Platform, then again in 2005-2011 on another O&G Production Platform. By now several commercial Database software programs are out there so I just let my database lye. They cost the client much more to use than mine, but the big corporations don't seem to mine the cost. Project Managers do not like to stick their neck out for a little-known small guy. The go with the big guys with a million-dollar marketing budget.

So now I wish to get it out there on a low budget and do monthly leases from project start to completion for a minimal fee. The programmer I hired back in 2005 to assist me because of my duties as Commissioning Manager, is going to again assist me, so, I offered him a full 50/50 partnership. Hopefully it will work out. Thank you for your input.