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i was using my access database yesterday and i entered data via form in one of my tables.  those entries are missing.  is there a way to look back at yesterday's table to find the entries that are missing.  I also have backblaze backup but that is not coming up - so easier to just find a temp file from yesterday if you can help me. Thanks.

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@NancyLWein "...yesterday's table ..."


That's not the way it works. If you created a back up, then that back up should be available somewhere. Unfortunately, it sounds like your backup system also failed. "... backblaze backup but that is not coming up ..."


There is no "temp file" for Access accdbs, sorry.

@NancyLWein I was thinking about this some more.


It is odd that the backup system seems to have failed at the same time you lost previously entered data. Is it possible something else might have gone wrong?

@George Hepworth 


I am sorry - i solved my own problem.  the table was not sorted correctly - i actually found those entries from yesterday and then got it working.  I have had a persistent problem however that is worrisome.  I cannot do the compact repair function at all - it keeps telling me that "file is in use" - I liked to  do this function periodically.  can't anymore.....

@NancyLWein Congratulations on resolving that mystery!


There are a couple of possible things to consider, but the most likely one is that the accdb was closed abnormally, leaving behind the locking file, i.e. the "lccdb". Normally, locking files are deleted when you close the accdb, but if something goes wrong, it can be left behind. And then it can indicate to Access that "someone else" has it open still, even though that's not the case. 


If this is on your own computer, one strategy that usually works is to reboot, then manually delete the orphaned lccdb BEFORE starting the working accdb again. 


If it is on a shared computer, of course, it's more complicated in that you have to have the administrator of the LAN do the reboot and possibly delete the lccdb for you.


If that doesn't work out, let us know. That's the most likely reason, although not necessarily the only one.

@George Hepworth And please do make sure your backup protocol is working correctly. There's nothing worse than losing unbacked up data.

@NancyLWeinbesides the excellent information that George provided, I implement simple auditing in my application. I add a "Created On" field to all of my tables. I set the default value to Date(). Access then automatically keeps track of every record that I create. These fields do not need to be displayed on forms but they can be. I also sort records on these fields.  

   As for backing up my app, I have three USB drives next to my computer that I copy my application to every couple of days. I alternate between them just in case one goes belly up.