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I have just bought a Microsoft 365 Family subscription

When I log to my account in web, I can see a lot of applications but I do not see Access.

Is it part of the subscription  ? How can I launch it ?Has it been replaced by another one ?


Sorry for a so trivial question but I am lodt



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@merciers Some versions of MS 365 do not include Access. So, first, make sure yours actually does.


Also, unlike the other applications in the MS 365 suite (formerly Office), Access runs ONLY on the desktop. There are browser versions of Excel, Word, etc. So if you are expecting to see Access in the browser, don't.


Access will be found on your desktop, assuming the version of MS 365 which you purchased does include it. I think the version you bought does include Access. 

365 family does include Access but the website isn't at all clear as it describes Access and Publisher as PC only.
With A365, all supported programs are automatically installed