Euro 2021 results app project

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I am not sure if this is the most appropriate place to write this message but I could not find anywhere else to do so, therefore please bear with me.


I am both a football fan and an MS Access programmer, and I have created a World Cup database for the past tournaments from 2006-2018 where users can input the scores of each match and see the results in the group tables and knockout charts. You can download this database here:


I want to adopt this into a Euro 2020 version by modifying the match structure and promotion rules a little bit. In order to make it happen, I have set up a Kickstarter project which to explain my goal and raise fund also:


Please let me know if you are interested to see my project come to light. If you do please help by backing my project. Or you can also ask me questions if you are curious about my World Cup database too!

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