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Hi I'm struggling - I've purchased Office 365 specifically for Microsoft Access and keep getting a message


Automatic configuration of the current version of Microsoft Access has failed.  Your database might not function correctly.  This can occur if you do not have the necessary permissions to install Microsoft Access on this computer. this is a newly purchased laptop and just bought Office 365 personal yesterday


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The primary focus of this forum is on using the various development tools in Access to create relational database applications and only secondarily on licensing and installation issues. For this reason, you might get more direct help by going directly to MS Support.


That said, the error message says one possible reason for the failure is that you do not have the necessary permissions to install Access. If that is, in fact, the actual error, you could do a couple of things. First verify that you are indeed logging on to your laptop under an administrator account.

If that's the case, then try running the installation using the "Run as administrator" option. Right mouse-click on the installation file and select it from the menu.