Microsoft Access lags/freezes when opening multiple sessions

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My client is having an issue with Microsoft Access freezing/not responding for 1-2 minutes when opening a second session. He has an Intel(R) Xeon(R) E-2712 Processor. There are weaker PCs with less memory and processing power in his company that runs both instances without holdups/freezes. We've run Office repairs, ran updates, cleaned his computer, etc. Microsoft tech support suggested posting here. Any and all suggestions are appreciated! - Thanks. 

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Are you talking about opening a second instance of an Access accdb on the same computer? Or opening a second instance of Access with a different accdb?


Both are possible, so it might help to know which one is happening.


I'd be looking at things like Anti-virus software and possible network conflicts in a situation like this. I'd be looking at mapped drives that are no longer valid on that computer.


I'd also be interested in how much disk space is free on that that computer at the time, and how indexing is implemented on it. Finally, I'd be looking at installed printer drivers, as that can sometimes be a problem in slow starting.