Access report problem

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I have a report in access that was created some time ago which includes email addresses.  When I add a new email address in my table, the report only pulls up the old new email addresses.  The new ones are omitted.  Please help.  

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It's hard to say without seeing the database.

I'd start by examining the report's recordsource. Does it use the right table? Does it apply criteria that might be excluding these new entries?


I have a table with active and deceased members.  I created a queri to only pull the active members.  I then have a report where the record source is the active member queri.  I get all the active members in the report but only some of their email addressed show up.  


I am a novice access user so I am not best at this so I need help.  I am using Microsoft Office Professional 2019.


Is there a way I can contact you directly where you would be able to help me?