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I was wondering is there an office 365 version of Access


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Sure, "Access for Microsoft 365" is the version that is included in most Microsoft 365 plans (there are more). Like all the Office 365 applications it is rented and gets permanently updated to the latest features, bugs and fixes.


It is to be distinguished from the perpetual, retail version of Access (and Office) where the current version is Access 2019 and Microsoft announced to publish the next version (Access 2021) later this year. The retail version has been the "classical" one but nowadays it is only a decoupling of the current state of Access 365 (as with all Office applications).



Thank you @Karl Donaubauer 


I don't see it on my office 365 group of apps



Hi Jennifer,
You don't see it there, because there is no online version of Access. Therefore (and because there is no Mac version) in the M365 plans Microsoft writes "PC only". So, you have to download Access and install it locally:


Thanks Karl
That is what I thought when I asked the first question but I failed to clarify that I was referring to office 365 online