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Not sure if it is just me not seeing a setting somewhere. In previous versions I cannot remember this happening but it is rather annoying.


When in design mode of a form, if I change the text in a label, the label automatically resizes. Is there a global setting to turn this off? This is only relevant AFAIK to Access 2019, I use 2016 on desktop when in the office or using company laptop and do not have this issue. 


Basically my use is within a suite of database front ends I have developed, they all have the same type of form design so I can copy a form which does a similar function from one of the databases when building a new one to add into the suite. All my labels are nicely sized so everything is uniform, but when I type a different text into the label (e.g. change from Order Number to Employee Name) the label resizes itself and I have to then resize the label again so that it fulfils the requirement of my OCD.


Added a couple of example images. In image 1 I have taken a form which is used to add employee skills, made a copy and now changing this to add in an absence. Changing the label text automatically resized the label meaning I have to then go manually resize it to what it was previously.


Hope that is enough info. Sensible answers only please. I could write VBA or use Access 2016. I only require a response if there is a way to do this or not, and if possible how to prevent it from happening. Thanks in advance.



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Are you editing through the label control itself or by changing the caption property in the Property Sheet?

@Daniel_Pineault I was editing directly in the label, but changing the caption property in the property sheet does prevent it from resizing which solves my issue. I can now just change the label caption there to avoid all the extra actions. I am sure in 13 and 16 I changed within the label and it didn't resize so will check that again tomorrow just for my own sanity, though I tend to just go on autopilot once I start working in Access. Thanks for your help, I knew it would be something simple!

@Klippa Well this was something i also noticed recently and i am curious how it evaded so many years...probably i have changed my design philosophy... :)

The issue only appears if you set the Text Formatting to Center...if you leave it to the default General it won't resize

An option to keep labels from re-sizing labels and fields would be a Godsend. I tend to spend a good deal of time undoing the work of features that are meant to help us. Automatically re-sizing fields because the label changes is annoying. I *really* wish Access had a "Don't help me" option.