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Feb 28 2024 07:00 AM - Feb 29 2024 10:30 AM (PST)
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Access Locking Up

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I am using Office 365 Access on my Windows computer.  When I transfer the files to another Windows computer with Office 365 Access, the database locks up after the first time it opens.  There is no direct connection to my computer and I have used a flash drive for transferring the program and data files.

Anyone with a resolution?

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"... the database locks up after the first time it opens. "

That's somewhat vague. 

Does the database actually work as expected when it is opened the first time?

What does the "lockup" look like? 

Are you trying to open a second copy when the lockup occurs, or do you close it in between?


@George Hepworth 

Yes it opens up and functions normally the first time.  The second time it just won't open up.  The data files have a locked symbol in file explorer.

I try to close it before re-opening but generally cannot.  I often have to shut down and restart to be able to open it again.


That scenario suggests the Access application is not shutting down cleanly or properly after the first use, i.e. that it is leaving a process running although the application appears to be closed.

Check Windows Task Manager. There should be an Access process there after you have closed the accdb and shut down Access.


If there is, and I'm reasonably certain there should be, you will confirm this.

So, the question is figuring out WHY it's not shutting down properly. Does this happen with any other accdb, or just this one? My hypothesis would be that other accdbs don't exhibit the problem. Please also confirm that.


You need to figure out the problem in that accdb, and for that, we can't help much at a distance. 

Does it contain VBA? If so, does the VBA compile without errors? 


Does this accdb automate other Office applications, such as exporting to Excel, or importing data from a file? Does it open any recordsets? If so, are they closed?

Does the accdb include references in VBA to other accdbs?


Just throwing out things to look at, pending more details from you about the specifics of the situation. We can focus better on likely factors when we know more about it.