First published on TECHNET on Oct 26, 2017
*** Update 11/3 - non-English installation?  scroll down to Raphael's comment where you will find some tips on getting this working ***

We are pleased to announce the release of a new Project Online Content Pack for Power BI. Starting October 26 2017, Project Online users will be able to download the new content pack directly from AppSource:


Comprising of 13 visually rich report pages, the new content pack is designed to support the management needs of project managers, portfolio managers and resource managers, by retrieving planning and execution data from Project Online and arranging the data to support timely decision making.

The new content pack report includes reports in three key perspectives: Individual Projects, Portfolio of projects and the organization’s resources. Each perspective encompasses the following detailed report pages.

Individual Projects This perspective includes 2 report pages presenting information of a single project at a time:

· Project Status – A summary of a selected project including work and cost, over time, upcoming milestones and overall status.

· Project Risks and Issues – Issues and risks for a selected project.

Portfolio of Projects This perspective includes 6 report pages offering multiple analysis angles on portfolio of projects:

· Portfolio Dashboard At a glance summary of all your projects, including completion status and performance KPIs.

· Portfolio Timeline – An interactive timeline of projects in the portfolio, their planned start and finish dates as well as completion data.

· Portfolio Costs – A detailed report of the portfolio costs, with details on cost status for specific projects.

· Portfolio Milestones – Key milestones in the portfolio and their statuses.

· Portfolio Risks – Aggregated risks across the portfolio and their impact on the portfolio.

· Portfolio Issues – Aggregated issues across the portfolio and the causes for those issues.

Resource This perspective includes 5 report pages:

· Resource Availability - Availability and demand for resources over time, presented through interactive heatmap and charts.

· Resource Overview – A view of all the resources in the portfolio and their detailed information.

· Resource Assignments – Deeper view into how resources are invested across the different projects in the portfolio, with information on their progress in current assignments.

· Resource Details – A summary of a selected resource including availability, assignments and work over time.

· Resource Demand Forecast – Forecast of demand for resource in upcoming time periods, based on current plans and predictive analytics.

How to set up the Content Pack

Go to this Power BI site to learn how to set up the Content Pack.


Where can I find the new Content Pack?

The new Content Pack is available for download, directly from Power BI through ‘Get Data’.

The Content Pack is also available on AppSource and a PBIT file is shared through GitHub .

Will the new content pack replace the previous Project Online Content Pack?

Yes, the new content pack replaces the previous Project Online Content Pack. The new Content Pack offers a larger number of reports and leverages latest Power BI capabilities, for a richer analysis experience.
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This content pack for Project Online is terrific. I do have one question:


I received a request to add an overall filter that only shows Projects that are active, not those that are 100% complete. It seems that the "edit" functions are disabled. Is that the case - customizing to fit our needs is not possible?


Thanks in advance - and nice work in putting this together!


If you download the Power BI template file from GitHub you can then open that in Power BI Desktop and edit this as required. Here is a link: https://github.com/OfficeDev/Project-Power-BI-Content-Packs/blob/master/Microsoft%20Project%20Online...


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Thank you for the reply and link, it was exactly what I needed. I've downloaded the file, opened it in BI Desktop and I can edit as needed.


If I can ask one more question:

On the Portfolio Dashboard there are three stoplight KPIs for Cost Health, Work Health and Schedule health. Our PMO is asking what the thresholds are that would affect the colors of the stoplights. I've dug around the properties of those and could not determine the answer. Can you tell me how these are configured so I can provide that answer?


Thank you!



Those are calculated based default fields, for example the Cost Health field just replaces the string value of the CKPI field with the correct image:PowerBICostHealth.jpg


The CKPI field just calculates of default fields such as Project Baseline Cost, Project Baseline Finish, Project Cost:


The Work one use the work fields and schedule uses the duration fields instead of the cost fields.


You can easily change these / add your own.


Hope that helps



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It does help, thank you.


The screenshots you provided also help a lot. For example, the code behind the Work Health one tells me that if the baseline is at least 20% over baseline cost, indicate that with a specific color. (And so on for other baseline info)


If I look deeper into the others it will tell a similar story of the logic behind which color is displayed. 


Super helpful and greatly appreciated - thanks again!

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Hello Paul,

Need to ask you a question: The Project Status tab seems to lose the data after scheduled refreshes:


Power BI refresh issue.PNG


I have tried to refresh it manually and each time the Project Status tab shows blanks across the board. All other tabs work and refresh fine.


Any idea why, or suggestions to resolve this?


Thank you in advance...


@Pandra - What have you changed in this report page? Does the underlying data connection show the raw data in Power BI?

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Paul, thank you for the reply.

This one turned out to be a user error - the report in the dashboard is actually working fine.



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I am facing issue with Project filter available on Risk and issue report 

when I select a project from slicer both the grids ( risk and issues)!goes blank 

if I choose project name from risk or issues table and create a slicer then it’s able to filter respective individual grid!

anybody facing similar issues or know solutions? Please help

@Jayant440 hello, on the default Microsoft Report pack this works fine for me. The only reason I can think of is that the relationships have been changed in your report? Here are the defaults for Issues and Risks:


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Hi @Paul Mather Thanks for your reply , I haven't changed anything in the report, I also checked the relationships are intact, only thing I changed is the url to connect to our PWA instance, not sure then why its not working for me! anything that I can provide you which will help you to figure out whats the issue? Thanks.

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@Paul Matherits working, I think I was doing something wrong, Thanks for your reply.

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Hi @Paul Mather 


I am new to using Project Online & Power BI. I have just connected our PWA Instance to the MS Project Power BI Content pack. In the Resource Availability report, in the Availability Heatmap (see photo), I can see the time allocated to each resource in hours - is there a way to add a formula or change this view to view this by days e.g. if it shows me 16 hours i would like to be able to see 2 days as we measure availability & capacity in our organization by days. I will appreciate the help. Thanks.


Availability heatmap.PNG

Hi @faithcsoy ,

You can change the visual to day but clicking the visual to show the visualisation properties then add the Time field from TimeSet and remove the Year-Month field. You can see this below - I also selected the Time field and clicked Modelling then used the Format options to remove the time so it was just the date:


Hope that helps


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Thank you @Paul Mather ,


Using the steps above I was able to understand what fields I needed to change. However to get the view I wanted, I had to create a new measure with a value of "8" to represent 8 hours per day and divided all the Availability field values in the Heatmap by that value, then I used conditional formatting to format the colors as per my requirements. Please see below for the results. Thanks for the assistance.

Availability heatmap 2.PNG




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Hi - I downloaded the PWA content pack template file from github and receiving the following error when opening the file in PowerBI desktop.  Is this a known issue and is there an available workaround?


"Unable to open template"


"[Filename] is corrupt or an invalid report file"


pwa pbit error.png

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Looking for help with the Resource Details page. Not sure where the data is coming from and I'm new to BI


REesource details page.png

Hello @Vicki Little ,

If you click the visual such as the "Availability, Demand and Capacity over time" visual, you will see the data sets used by that visual will show a yellow circle with a tick next to it. To see the queries used for that data set, click Edit Queries to load the query editor. With a query selected in the Power Query editor, click the Advanced Editor button on the Home tab. You will then see the source table name used from the ProjectData reporting API.


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Thanks Paul