my problem of the year 2019: Impossible to open .xml file!

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Hello dear people,


I had the biggest problem of this year today. 

a file .xml with around 65000ko is not opening because of a problem in only 1 value.

Nothing is working, when I want to open the software, it's searching and searching and searching with the text NO RESPONDING up. I must press CTRL+ALT+SUPPR to leave.


Please, I'm working on this file from months and I need help for that. I can "open" the file ony with NOTEPAD++ but I don't understand the script to find the ERROR.

I tried many others softwares and what the support of EXCEL described but nothing work.
Also, there is no old versions registering and I don't know why?!


many thanks a lot

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Do you know which value is causing the issue?

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


No, after a few hours waiting to open the .xml file, I have this message on picture.

It means: impossible to open the file because of errors. These errors are on C:/User.....

Right, this seems to be an error you would get when trying to open a 'normal' Excel file, not when opening an XML file, am I correct? Do you happen to have a back-up copy of the file?
No, I could not find an old version because it write there is no old version.
Also, the other excel or .XML files are opened without any problems... Only this one.
Even if i try to convert it in PDF, it doesn't work... How Can I repair it?
You could send it to me so I can have a try? I have many different versions of Excel to try to open it. My email address can be found at the bottom of each page of my website https://jkp-ads.com
Yes, immediatly. it's 62.2Mo so in 3minutes, you will receive the link for google drive. Is htat ok for you? Many thanks a looott !!!
I've replied to the message containing the download link. I was able to find out the issue, somehow the file contained too many cell formatting. Remving all formatting using a plain text editor has enabled me to open the file. I have sent it back to you.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 

Many thanks a lot for your job Mr Pieterse. But I didn't get anything by email or something else. Can you resend it back please?
Thank you again ! :-D

I replied to the email addressed you used to send the file to me, did you receive that message?
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