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Carlos Andrade
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Morning Community and Happy New Year.


So my company uses a horrible schedule manpower sheet to keep track of where our workers are throughout a month and I trying to figure a way to create a more efficient form to use. Hopefully the picture was actually updated but that is what i'm working with. It very simple but the issue comes in when I try to add a new Month. Since every Month has different numbers of days when I copy something over it either doesn't have enough days or it has too many and adjusting it just throws everything out of wack. The days are then not matching up and moving those changes the borders because they want the weekend to have a thicker border then the regular workweek. Adding an extra column  And then the month also has to be adjusted but it then not centered because if you merge the cells first and try moving it it doesn't work. It's frustrating and I'm starting to ramble on. 


I want a table that looks sort of like this where the month is on top, the days of the week and the dates underneath that, but that I can copy and paste and whenever I move the month the day of the week adjust to what is next. For example February ends on a Thursday this year so when I copy March next to it the first day of March should be an F(Friday). I waste so much time during the end or start of a job trying to fix this this and not delete anything important. Which is another thing, because every couple of month I have to delete the old month that way it doesn't drag on forever and that's another pain. So any help or ideas would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you. 

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