Excel Footer Character Limit

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I have a footer which is well under the 250 character limit but I receive an error message that "the text string you entered is too long" when I bold a few words. Does anyone know why this happens? And is there something we can do to fix/work round this?


The character count is currently 129 and I have no header, I'm using rows repeated across pages for that.

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Hello @av_church,


Although not ideal, here is a workaround for that problem:


Hope this helps!

@av_church This is due to the fact that making the word limit bold, behind the scenes changes the information in the header to:
So instead of 5 characters, limit now contributes 38 characters to the header.

Thanks for the idea, I'll see what I can do with it @PReagan 

@Jan Karel Pieterse Thank's for explaining, looks like I will try the other suggestion of a picture with the text.

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