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I hope there is a formula for this. Even a Macro (I'll learn how, if need be).

I have a customer who wants a summary page. This page will provide 10-20 "cells" of information laid out in a row or column. This info will be linked from a store page which is very detailed and contain lots of info. Each store page is laid out the same. As I fill in this store page, the few items I have linked will show up on the summary for my customer to see. I do not want them to see the original customer page due to proprietary info, etc.  The summary will provide a snapshot of multiple locations and the progress  all on one page.   

If I enter the data on page A , data goes to the summary page in row 1, lets say. When I enter data on Page B, I want the summary data to automatically go to row 2. How do I tell Excel to go to row 2 if row 1 is filled? Or, Excel moves my Row 1 info down to Row 2 and accepts the new info on Row 1.

If there is not an option, I will need to redo each formula as new sheets are created to tell the new page to look further and further down the page. I hope someone has some incite in to this rule.   


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