Convert one table into several tables

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Hi there,

I have a table with columns: employee ID's, hours amounts, and wage types. I created a pivot table to break wage types into their own columns listing hours and amounts.

But I need each wage type to be it's own table with employee I'd, amount and hours.

I can splice the table, but I want it broken out into several tables so that the data can be filtered and analyzed and others can leave notes.

I would like to keep this on one sheet so that the data can be analyzed by multiple specialists in Excel web apps on SharePoint.

I have about 12 wage types but upwards of 30,000 employees. Not all wage types have hours. But all wage types have amounts.

I am hoping that the solution can be recorded with a macro as analysing is done about 9 times a week to varying populations.

Any assistance you are able to provide is greatly appreciated. I look forward to your response.

Thank you,