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I am trying to get a formula to calculate the following


How many times does “All Report “ say “ To Be Completed”


I have multiple options that I want to calculate for the total of how many they have entered into a spreadsheet.


Data Options 1

All Report


Client Enquiries


File to Site




Data Options 2

To Be Completed


On Hold


Each option from List 1 will be paired up with options in List 2. I just want to get the total of how many times the pairs are on the spreadsheet.


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Hello Jane!

With counting multiple criteria take a COUNTIFS function.

Greets, Eva

Hey Eva,


Any chance you know what COUNTIF formula to use? 


Ive tried a couple and they haven't worked!

Hey Jane,


There is a couple of ways depending of what you are after. 


If you want to count how many times "All report" is in "Category" use 

=COUNTIF(E:E;"All Report")

if you want to count the amount of times you have "All Reports" in "Column" and "To Be Completed" in "Status" use:

=COUNTIFS(E:E;"All Report";F:F;"To Be Completed")