Would Excel be a good fit ?

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Hello everyone, My name is Jimmy I own a small used vehicle dealership in Canada of 55 cars in inventory, making around 25-30 sales a month. I recently been looking a lot into our overhead fees, and all the different programs that we use for desking, crm, marketing and other are pretty high cost solutions and also they do not share data between each other.

So, I started looking into a more cost efficient solution. My principal functions will be to follow the customer along the way by creating tasks and events, (OCM is ok with that). And to calculate the payment if they are using financing, and then print a BOS. 

Would Excel be a good solution? I know it might a longer process, but in the end I will save up to 2500-3000$ a month, which is huge for me. 

Is there something better out there and cost efficient that I could use and program for my need ? 

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Excel could certainly calculate your payments and print a bill of sale, but it is a horrible task manager. I would look at an Office 365 business plan, which is around $12.50/mo per user, and includes Excel, as well as Planner, which is a task management solution to either alone or shared with team members. 


You can get Invoicing for Small Business too.


I love Excel and use it daily, constantly, but I know it isn't the end all solution. Use the right tool for the right job.


But yeah, you should be able to get out of the $3K/mo software you are paying for. That sounds absurd for a business your size.