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Dear Word Engineers,


I've been tasked with creating a series of online Word Web templates for a agency Partner of Intel. The objective is to be able to have templates that automatically open up as a new document so that the Master template remains undisturbed, currently the way we are doing it is to duplicate the file, and save as a new file. I'll be honest and say as a web/graphic designer I'm not that proficient with Word, however I've had some success over the last 2 days playing around in both Word Desktop and Word Web, with various designs option for a potential template.  Some of the issues I'm facing are as follows:


  • Not able to Installing Intels Fonts - Intel Clear and Intel One Display - Intel fonts only visible in editing mode, and when I view as Reading view the Intel fonts change to a default serif font
  • Inserting a graphic into the Header of the Word Doc so that it remains visible in the editing view, as this is the only view that would be used - currently the only way to have the official header and footer visible is to switch to 'Reading View'. A work around I found is to insert the graphic header inside 'Picture' tool insert Drawing. 

 I have built a series of templates in both Word Web and also Google Docs as a comparison, to present to the Intel team next week. I will be hoping to find some solutions to the list above between now and my presentation, and was wondering if the Word Web Engineers would be interested in helping to get these templates in a good place?

I would be more than happy to share an example of the templates I have created so far.


Yours sincerely


Charlie Pearson

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