Word TEMP error

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Please help when I open the files that are from the desktop the error TEMP are showing;

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If you intended to insert a screen shot, that failed. You may have to save your screen shot to an image file and then attach the file in a reply here. 


Do you see the error message only with documents on the desktop? Is there a difference if you start Word first and then browse for these files? 


Also, which operating system are you running and which version of Word/Office?


2023-02-05 (1).png

I see the error message with all documents i use with Word. No difference if i start Word first and then browse for these files?


The version i use is Word in Office 21?

Could you reply in french please?  english is not my langage. Thank you




I don't speak French, I'm afraid. You can use the translation feature to access content in French. 


The error message indicates that the following article may be relevant:



thank you for your replay, i will read the article you indicateur and try my best in English