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I have a document that is being used for audit purposes, however, certain sections are only applicable to specific departments.   This results in things being done unnecessarily or not at all.


I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for adapting my document so that I can choose what department is being audited, so the document only includes the relevant questions/sections.


I don't really want to split the document up because when things are amended things, I am sure will be missed.


Any help would be gratefully received.







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@Keith Farmery 

There are probably a number of ways to do this. As far as I can tell they all involve macros.


Probably the most elegant would be to use a UserForm (a custom dialog box) where the involved department is picked from a drop-down or checkboxes. Then the code could call up parts that are stored as AutoText and insert them in the document in the appropriate location.



Thank you for your suggestions  - I'll look into them.