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Last week a none-Microsoft online help deleted and reinstalled my desktop version of Office Home and Business 2019. (Not 365). This in Windows 10 on and ASUS desktop. Ever since, when I open Word, the "Good Morning" homepage with my list of recent docs opens in landscape orientation. The docs each open correctly in their native orientation (99% in portrait). Before opening anything, I resize the homepage. If I close it, it reopens wide. If I hold alt while closing it, it reopens in portrait. But no matter how I close it, if I reboot, it will open again in landscape. 

This means that 365 days a year I will have to resize the Word homepage! Only ten days so far and I'm sick of it already.


How can I get Word to ALWAYS open it's homepage (by which I mean the initial page with Home, New, and Open on the left/Good Morning on the top and New, Recent, and Pinned in the body) in portrait mode?


If the solution is in Options/General, Display, or Advanced, I haven't been able to locate it there.


Prior to the tech deleting and reinstalling Office, Word always opened this home page in portrait orientation.


PS - Interestingly, MS Outlook in the same suite, though it also was deleted and reinstalled, still always reopens in whatever orientation I closed it. 






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PS -

I was mistaken about my docs always opening in portrait. Anything that I open before resizing the homepage opens in landscape.


@OvevsI am unfamiliar with the term Homescreen as applied to Word. I suspect you mean the start screen. Any chance you can supply a screenshot.


Just guessing here. You may want to OPEN your normal template for ediiting and make sure it is in the portrait orientation. How to Open the Normal Template in Any Desktop Version of Word (except Mac 2008) 



Thanks for responding. I just now did all that. Found the vba editor, put application.NormalTemplate.OpenAsDocument into the Immediate window, opened, adjusted, and saved the normal doc. The new normal doc is in AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates.


Didn't work. Rebooting still causes Word to open its homepage in landscape mode.



So tell us more, or show us, what you mean by homepage. As I said, I am not familiar with that term. I have been using Word for more than 30 years and have heard the term applied to browsers and websites, but not Word.

I think I described it pretty well a few posts above. It's the page you get when you open word from its icon (not by clicking on a doc's icon). On the left, there's a wide vertical bar with Home (below a house graphic), New (below a folder), and Open (below an open folder graphic). On the right is your list of recently opened docs.

But never mind! I just opened Word to look at that and for the first time in many days it opened in portrait. I guess the vba bit for some reason took two reboots to stick.



Glad you got it straightened out. For future reference, what you describe is called the "Start Page" in Microsoft jargon. I should have guessed.



The terminology is not consistent.


EDIT: The option at File > Options > General mentions "Start" while there actually is a Home screen at the File menu or, more precisely, there is the File > Home backstage (at least in some versions of Word): 




I guess that would be the Home tab in backstage (the file screen).



Of course. Not sure why I wrote the File "menu" after all these years. I guess it is just wishful thinking. :)

Previous message is now corrected.

@Stefan_Blom It is by clicking on File on the ribbon that the so-called Home Page appears and for a normal computer screen that is wider than it is high, if the Word application is maximised, the Home Page will be in Landscape mode.  It is only by reducing down the screen and dragging the borders of the Word window that you Home Page can be made to appear in Portrait mode.



Doug, thanks for returning to the original question. :)