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I switched to the preview of the new design, and the styles area is way different. Word is now using the style description as the sample text, and it has added more space between styles, so now the styles area shows about half as many without scrolling. I do lots of work with styles and all the extra scrolling is going to be frustrating. I know that right now, I can switch back to the old look, but at some point, I won't have a choice. Anyone know how I could adjust settings to show more styles at once?


Previous look:


New look:


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There doesn't appear to be any way to change to a more compact style display. Your best options are to (a) place the Styles dropdown on the Quick Access Toolbar or keep the Style pane open, and most important, (b) complain loudly in the File > Feedback > Send a Frown dialog. At best, we can get the developers to forget about this change; at least we can demand an option to switch back to the previous display mode.

To add to what Jay has said, I find using the Apply Styles pane (Ctrl+Shift+S) efficient. You will have to type in style names, but they do autocomplete.