Space in footnotes

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I need to remove spaces between footnotes.  Delete and backspace don't work. Para. icon works sometimes.

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It sounds like your footnote style is set up with space before or after.


Click in a footnote, then click the More icon in the lower right corner of the Style Gallery on the Home Ribbon.


The Footnote style should be highlighted (since your cursor is in a paragraph of that type). Right click on the Style name in the Style Pane and select "Modify..."


Click the Format... button in the lower left corner of the dialog box and then Paragraph... from the menu. Set space before and after to 0 pts. Click OK. Before clicking OK again to close the Style modify box, you can change the radio button to apply the modified style to new documents based on the underlying template.

@Colleen Kayter 

This solution does not work with footnotes, but does work with the text.