Numeración de títulos de tablas

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Hola, necesito ayuda para lograr que en la numeración de títulos de tablas se incluya el número de capitulo el número de tabla y una letra que identifique que parte de la tabla es ej. Tabla I-3a, Tabla I-3b.

Gracias de antemano por su ayuda.

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@claudiaherrera To have the Chapter number included, click on Numbering button in the Caption dialog and then check the box for Include chapter Number and the select the Style used to start each chapter.




To include the a or b, etc. you could either type them in manually, or insert a SEQ field as shown below


When that field code is toggled off, it will display the a  (Table 1-1a)


The easy way to insert the next caption is simply to Copy and Paste the first one.  To avoid the Table Sequence number form updating to




You will need to modify the Table Sequence field by the addtion of the \r 1 as shown below


As the above is a bit fidly, it is probably best to avoid having the a and b appended to the numbering.