Multi document info sharing

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I have multiple word documents, all set up as fillable forms, we use for our work. On each of these forms we have to fill out repetitive information like someone name, with the name being in multiple places on every form. I know how to make a text form field and reference to it so I only have to type the name once in each document. However, is there a way to type the name in one document and have it automatically fill into select locations in other documents?

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Nothing simple, but yes.


You could have a UserForm (a custom dialog box) to gather the information and select the documents.

I am a practicing attorney, and we use Mail Merge to insert information into different documents. An Excel workbook has case and client information which is then inserted into documents set up to pull that information from the workbook. This is, in my opinion, simpler to set up. A userform, though, would be easier to use.

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