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i've located header and footer on a page of the document and it's being shown on every page. i only want it on desired ones

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@areeba2015 In each Section of a document, there can be the following headers and footers:


First Page that only appears on the first page of the Section and is accessed by checking the Different First Page box on the Header and Footer toolbar

An Odd page and an Even page that appears on the odd and even pages respectively and is accessed by checking the Different Odd & Even Pages box on the Header and Footer Toolbar

A Primary header that appears on all pages of the document unless one or the other of the abovementioned boxes are checked.



Each Section of a document has its own set of the above Headers and Footers however each those in one Section can be linked, individually to the corresponding Header and Footers in the previous Section by use of the Link to Previous button


To create separate Sections in your document, you insert a Section Break via the Layout tab of the ribbon.





Doug has given you an outline of what headers and footers Word has. These can be very flexible though.


Can you give us more information on what sort of information you want shown only on certain pages (which pages?)? I am guessing that the following could help.