Mail Merge Not Printing as One Job Anymore

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Hi all,

It looks like Word was updated about a week ago and ever since then I haven't been able to use mail merge as I usually do.

I use it to print mailing envelopes, 50+ at a time, and it used to be that I would use the same document every time but switch out the mailing addresses, then print and it would go to my printer as one print job where I would then just feed the envelopes through the manual tray and it would be a continuous process.

Now when I do what I've always done, it sends 50+ different print jobs to the printer, one for each envelope, making the process a lot slower due to the time it takes the printer to complete one job and move to the next. Anybody know what is going on or how I can fix this to go back the way it was?


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I was having this same issue. Best workaround I've found is to select "finish and merge" then "edit individual documents" This will make a single document with all of the envelopes. From there you can simply print as you're used to doing. All as one job. Frustrating that I just spent half a day messing with this since my printer couldn't handle getting 100+ jobs in the queue.  @jgoo22 

Thanks for your help, @wedgwoodc !